Elk Creek Watershed Council, Umpqua Basin, Oregon

The Elk Creek Watershed

The Elk Creek watershed is a 186,620-acre 5th-field watershed located in the northern part of the Umpqua Basin. Elk Creek runs from its headwaters in the eastern ridges near Ben More Mountain, to its confluence with the Umpqua River at the town of Elkton. There are about 5-6,000 residents in the Elk Creek watershed, which includes the cities of Drain, Yoncalla, and part of Elkton. There is a high percentage of private land in the watershed (76%) compared to many Oregon watersheds. The remaining federal land (24%) is managed by the BLM. Land use is predominately forestry in the uplands, and grazing (cattle and sheep) on the low-gradient agricultural land along Elk Creek and its tributaries. The Elk Creek 5th-field watershed is divided into ten 6th-field subwatersheds.