Elk Creek Watershed Council, Umpqua Basin, Oregon

Seeley Creek Livestock Crossing Upland Improvement

Like the Reeser Livestock Crossing project, the Seeley Creek project complemented a CREP project that fenced both sides of Pheasant Creek and its tributary, Seeley Creek. This project used a large culvert at the crossing. The six-foot culvert was sized to meet ODFW guidelines for fish passage in coho streams. In addition to the crossing, the project also placed several logs to improve habitat for juvenile coho.

1/12  This is the lower section of Seeley Creek before the CREP project.
2/12  The CREP fencing is underway.
3/12  Seeley Creek above the crossing. The fence and livestock water have been installed. The blackberries will be cleared and the area planted with native trees and shrubs.
4/12  This is the culvert for the crossing.
5/12  The culvert has been back-filled and the roadway graveled.
6/12  The blackberries are being cleared so the hillside can be planted.
7/12  The new crossing after the fencing has been completed.
8/12  Seeley Creek Livestock Crossing.
9/12  The CREP project included developing this spring for livestock water.
10/12  And the watering sites for the livestock.
11/12  Part of the CREP project was planting native trees and shrubs in the riparian area.
12/12  The completed project.