Elk Creek Watershed Council, Umpqua Basin, Oregon

Applegate Livestock Water Upland Improvement

In 2010, the Douglas Soil and Water Conservation District developed several springs on the Applegate ranch. The water collected from these springs was piped to a large pond that is used by a wide variety of wildlife including Western Pond Turtles, beavers, and numerous species of waterfowl. The additional water from the springs would increase water levels in the pond during the summer, and benefit all the users. A water trough was placed in the line below the uppermost spring to supply livestock.

In 2014, the Watershed Council got a grant to install two more livestock watering troughs that would be supplied from the upper spring development. These troughs would allow for much more rotational grazing, and they would eliminate the need for the two water gaps that allowed the livestock into Elk Creek for water.

1/12  Spring development project - August 2010.
2/12  Water collector that was installed in one of the springs.
3/12  Water from the spring is piped down to the pond and released.
4/12  This is the pond that will be improved with the extra water from the springs.
5/12  This is one of the two water gaps that provided drinking water to livestock before the project.
6/12  Donna Fouts, Douglas SWCD Technician.
7/12  One of the trenches to the new watering trough.
8/12  To allow for heavy animal use, the trough sites were covered with geotextile and built up with rock.
9/12  Gluing the pipe.
10/12  One of the completed sites.
11/12  A valve at the end of the pipe was buried in the ground, and the hose connected to the float valve.
12/12  After two years, the system has performed well.