Elk Creek Watershed Council, Umpqua Basin, Oregon

Reeser Livestock Crossing Riparian Improvement

The Elk Creek Watershed Council works closely with state and federal natural resource agencies in the Umpqua to help local landowners meet their management objectives. One way we have done this has been to find additional funding to improve livestock crossings on CREP projects. CREP is a federal Department of Agriculture program that helps landowners that want to build fences to exclude livestock from their streams, but it will only cover the costs of hardened crossings where livestock need to be moved from one side of the stream to the other. The watershed council has funded projects to install culverts or bridges through the riparian area, a much better solution both for the stream and the livestock.

1/7  This is the new fence line that will be part of the CREP project. In addition to the fencing, the riparian area will be planted with native trees and shrubs.
2/7  The fence has been completed and the gate installed.
3/7  Walt Barton, from the Douglas Soil and Water Conservation District, surveyed the site and designed the new bridge.
4/7  This old truck trailer will become the new bridge.
5/7  The trailer has been set on concrete footings, and the approaches rocked.
6/7  Here the decking and curbs have been installed.
7/7  The landowner installed the guard rails.