Elk Creek Watershed Council, Umpqua Basin, Oregon

Billy Creek Fish Passage Improvement

The Billy Creek project removed a perched, undersized culvert that was blocking fish passage into the upper part of Billy Creek, and replaced it with a modular concrete bridge. The project also placed over 100 logs, and 30 boulders, at 20 sites to improve coho habitat below the new bridge. Coho were seen spawning above the bridge the first winter after construction.

1/14  This undersized culvert was blocking coho from reaching more than a mile of spawning and rearing habitat.
2/14  These beaver ponds above the culvert will provide some excellent rearing habitat for juvenile coho
3/14  This was the construction site before work began.
4/14  The creek above and below the project area was screened and the fish in between were captured and moved downstream below the screen.
5/14  The water was diverted around the construction area through this pipe.
6/14  The footings that will support the modular bridge.
7/14  The modular components of the bridge abutment are placed on the footings.
8/14  Here the abutments have been completed.
9/14  The pieces for the decking have been set, and are ready for the grouting.
10/14  The bridge is complete and the old culverts have been removed.
11/14  The road has been realigned.
12/14  The stream above the new bridge is stabilized with boulders and a weir.
13/14  The streambed readjusts during a winter storm.
14/14  The streambed after two years.