Elk Creek Watershed Council, Umpqua Basin, Oregon

Cox Creek Instream Habitat Improvement

The Elk Creek Watershed Council has worked with two private landowners in the Cox Creek watershed to restore more than a mile of high intrinsic potential coho habitat. With funding from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, and the Roseburg BLM Resource Advisory Committee, instream structures were completed at 23 sites. The projects also developed three side channels and a small alcove to provide additional off-channel winter habitat for juvenile coho.

1/9  This old oxbow on Cox Creek was the start for a project to create off-channel winter habitat for juvenile coho.
2/9  This is a shot of the oxbow from the other direction.
3/9  Construction staking from the engineering drawings.
4/9  The oxbow with most of the grading completed.
5/9  Logs and boulders have been added to slow water and create complex habitat for the fish. The side channel is starting to backwater from the control weir at the outlet.
6/9  The side channel during a winter storm. There are large areas of slow-moving water where young fish can escape the high flows in the main creek.
7/9  Another winter storm in 2012.
8/9  Again in 2014. The trees that were planted in the riparian area are starting to take off.
9/9  Hooded Mergansers in the project area. The project has benefited not just the salmon, but other species as well.